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Bronze McGhee Lougheed, Founder, and CEO of Harmonic Infusions, LLC, is a Birmingham, AL native and a proud graduate of Spelman College.  After receiving her Master’s Degree in Industrial / Organizational Psychology from The University of West Florida in 2002, Bronze began working as a selection & development professional for a local government agency while also working as a choreographer, instructor, and managing consultant for Ebony Arrington Dance & Performance (founded by her sister, Ebony Arrington Steele in 1999). In 2008, Bronze founded Sisters Inspiring Sister through the Arts (SISTA), a 501c3 organization committee, motivating, uplifting, and empowering youth and young adults, through cultural experiences and exposure to the performing arts.  Bronze’s diverse and extensive experience working in business, government, performing arts, and production and entertainment, provides for a unique skill set, perspective, and creative vision and serves as the foundation and inspiration for her business, Harmonic Infusions, LLC. 

Harmonic infusions LLC is an Arts, Wellness, & Entertainment Company with the mission of shifting the culture in business, entertainment, and performing arts through increasing awareness, accessibility, and opportunities in my community and beyond. The Harmonic Infusions Family is made up of three separate divisions; each provides its unique influence, impact, and value to customers and the community. 

  • bronzeHIPPIE apparel is versatile, comfortable, affordable, stylish clothing encouraging all to “move to the beat of your soul”.  S.O.U.L. (See Ourselves Unconditionally Loved) Tribe provides online resources, forums, workshops, and retreats that will be geared towards helping achieve and/or maintain mind, body, soul synchronization. bronzeHIPPIE is a Soul Movement Lifestyle rooted in community, created in love, graced with favor to cultivate harmonious peace.
  • Harmonic Infusions Production and Enrichment Company (HIPE) is working to bring the arts community together to enhance learning, develop talent, and create career development opportunities.  This collaboration and infusion of dancers, singers, musicians, choreographers, and producers bring a unified approach to shifting the culture through creating awareness, accessibility, coaching, and mentorship.  
  • The Champagne Life provide resources, tools, and inspiration to adopt a Champagne Mindset and live life as one big celebration! The division’s focus is to show how faith, perseverance, and perspective can be used to survive life’s ups and downs to achieve a Champagne Life!


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